2011 (4th)

Trans-nationalization of Qualification Frameworks for Lifelong Learning – Educational Implications

4th Research Seminar, Tallinn University, 9.-11.11.2011. Joint meeting with ESREA ReNAdET

The Futures of Adult Educator(s): Agency, Identity and Ethos

We call for opinion papers before 22.8.2011. Please send them to Anja (anja.heikkinen(at)uta.fi) and to esrea.renadet(at)yahoo.com as Word or rtf-format. The number of papers to be presented will be strictly based on research and they will be limited to 30. Participation will also be limited among presenters in order to organise small discussion groups instead of large sessions.

In the meantime check both networks’ websites for updates.

We look forward to your contributions!

Invitation for opinion papers

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