2010 (2nd)

Trans-nationalization of Qualification Frameworks for Lifelong Learning – Educational Implications

2nd TQF Research Seminar 30.-31.1.2010

University of Tampere
Department of Education
ATALPA Room 131/132

Tutored by Philipp Gonon (Universität Zürich), Soonghee Han (Seoul National University), Anja Heikkinen (University of Tampere)

The aim of the seminar is to discuss the educational aspects and implications from globalization of industries and labor markets and from transformations in skilling and competence industries. Trans-national qualification and quality assurance frameworks, covering all fields and stages of learning and growth, are under making on all continents. E.g. Qualification Framework for Lifelong Learning is implemented in Europe; globally competitive frameworks for human resource development are developed in the Asia-Pacific region, harmonization of national and regional qualification frameworks are suggested by the African Union. While these approaches narrow their focus on learning outcomes, employability and learnability of individuals, they ignore the affects of trans-nationalization on cultural and collective practices and conceptions of education, work and occupations. What is the role of research and HE in this process? Can they and in which way contribute to trans-national – glo-na-cal – mobilization of educational actors?

The seminar is part of a long-term attempt to develop cross-cultural academic apprenticeship, based on generational sharing, questioning and creation of knowledge. It follows the seminar organized by the project Crosslife “Research-based Study Pathways for Cross-cultural Collaboration in Lifelong Learning and Work” in December 2008. Junior and senior researchers with historicizing, cross-disciplinarily and diversity-sensitive approach are welcome to join the seminar to discuss their research topics, search for commonalities and develop research groups for the future.

Because of time and space restrictions, the number of participants is limited. Inquiries, announcements and abstracts should be sent by email to
Dong Seob Lee, dong.seob.lee(at)uta.fi, by 20.1.2010.


University of Tampere
The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas at Tampere
Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK


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