Online Workshops in 2020

The 27th workshop of VET & Culture Research Network took place on 03.09.2020 via Zoom conference tool and was organized by Gabriele Molzberger and team from the University of Wuppertal. Part I of the workshop collected reports on “Vocational and adult education in times of a pandemic” from Switzerland (Philipp Gonon and Markus Weil), Tanzania (Perpetua Kalimasi), South Africa (Jeanne Gamble), France (Corinne Hahn, Anna Mazenod), Germany (Gabriele Molzberger, Andre Kukuk), Norway (Liv Mjelde, also about Brazil), Italy (Chiara Martinelli), Greece (Georgios Zarifis), Finland (Anja Heikkinen, Golaleh Makrooni, also on Iran), Spain (Fernando Marhuenda), Australia (Stephen Billett, Amy Bohren). Part II of the workshop focussed on “VET and Adult Education beyond the pandemic: persistent research topics” with two presentations by Stephen Billett on “Enhancing the standing of vocational education and the occupations it serves” and by Anja Heikkinen on “Beyond the pandemic in vocational and adult education: persistent issues/ Education for the means of livelihood”.

The workshop was continued at 11.12.2020, 10-13 CET with a global collage on the effects of Digitisation on Research life and teaching practices with the topic “Vocational and adult education – how does digitalisation impact on their foundations?”. Both workshops also intended to explore possibilities of a re-formation of VET&Culture network.