Arvidsjaur 2008

Reflections on VET and Culture: Past, present and future

Workshop in Arvidsjaur Sweden 17– 21 September, 2008

This 15th workshop will focus on “VET and Culture”. There is room for some 20 participants. Each one is asked to give an oral presentation – and a written text of this; a talk of 30 minutes – which reflects, freely interpreted, on VET and Culture: past, present and future, either on the network itself or on that which the network is about. Later the presentations will be published. Thus, the main form of working is oral: a 30 minute talk, a personal reflection, followed by a response from the audience and collective; one stream, one audience.

Call for Papers


Minutes (Fleige)

Information on Arvidsjaur

Transport: People can arrive Wednesday 17th. There is a night train Tuesday from Stockholm (9 PM)) to Jörn, (arriving 9 AM) and one hour by bus from there on. A night train goes back on Saturday by 7 and 11 PM. There are three flights a day from Stockholm (operated by Skyways) by 9 AM, 2 PM and 6 PM but only one return flight on Saturday and Sunday, noon time.

Registration: Send me an e-mail with your name, address and e-mail and the preliminary title of your presentation BY END OF MARCH 2008. I need that to apply for funds. The full program will be sent to you in the spring. Participants are listed in the order that I receive your mail.

See you in Arvidsjaur!

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