Made in Europe 2006

The course consisted of 15 participants from 9 countries including 3 „virtual students“. Anja Heikkinen and Markus Weil practiced co-teaching, so there were also two teachers from two different national backgrounds. We used video camera to record important parts of the sessions and make them accessible for the virtual students in Zürich, Malta and Australia on the mentioned website. We also implemented this website as an open access web-platform so that the groups could handle their thematic areas on their own.

Course info
List of participants
Workplan (photo)
Mapping the course (Anja)

Learning materials

Fundamentals of a Common Quality Assurance Framework
Article on management by projects policy (Anja)
Transformations of governance on education case Finland (Anja)
Finnish evaluation program 2004-2007
Bologna, Copenhagen and Lisbon European strategies and processes
EFQM-quality assurance framework
What is quality
ISO quality assurance system
Various EU policy links, esp. european qualification frameworks (EQF)

Audio & video

Discussion in the first session
Demo from 31.10.06.  What should the small groups focus on.