EMVET 1998-2003

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EMVET is a series of modules, including 10 days intensive seminars through collaboration between different students and teachers/researchers at universities in Finland, Germany, Switzerland and UK. There have been four modules which includes up to 30 persons each year. EMVET also built background for Crosslife-Activities.

Module 1

emvet plan 1998
emvet goal M1
emvet plan Finland M1
emvet group reports M1
emvet report 1 M1

Module 2

emvet plan M2
emvet goal and programme M2
emvet articles M2
emvet group reports M2
emvet learning diaries M2

Module 3

emvet plan M3
Comments Andy Green M3
emvet New outline M3
emvet Final report M3

Module 4

emvet plan M4
emvet M4 pilot