New website under construction

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VET&Culture network is setting up a new website. The new site will serve as a news channel, forum, think tank, platform for learning, diary, archive and whatever our networkers wish for.

You can leave ideas for the new site in the comment box – please do! Stay tuned!


Call for papers: 6th Congress on Research in Vocational Education and Training – Photo competition

For the 6th Congress on Research in VET hosted by SFIVET under the title “The end of VET as we know it? Skills development in times of technical and social change.“ we are including a photography competition. You can find the conditions for participating online on our homepage:
Deadline for submission is 31 August 2018.
We look forward to receiving many interesting and stimulating proposals.
Kind regards
Prof. Dr. Antje Barabasch
Congress Chairperson

Conditions of participation for SFIVET photo competition
Declaraton of consent for the use of photo

Call for papers: Technology, Maker & VET conference 2018

Hotel 224, Pretoria , South Africa
August 9-11, 2018

“Promoting designing and making in STEM field and Vocational Education and Training to produce ‘makers’ for sustainable skills development”Youth unemployment has been inordinately high for many years in Africa and is one of the country’s major socio-economic challenges. The supply of sustainable occupational skills is central to economic growth and development in South Africa. Sustainable development can be seen as change for the better in which social, cultural and economic needs are met without harming non-renewable resources nor threatening eco-systems. Preparing youth for the world of work is one of the main goals of Technology Education and Vocational education and training. Continue reading

Call for papers – VET & Culture workshop. Opening and extending vocational education (Zurich 09/2018)

Opening and extending vocational education
VET & Culture workshop, Zurich, 17.-18. September 2018

The VET & Culture workshop 2018 combines perspectives of

  1. a historising dimension on vocational education,
  2. an open understanding of vocational education including higher education, further and adult education, and
  3. informal and non-formal aspects of the education system.

We consider that apprenticeship and VET are distinct approaches towards initial education that have been opened and extended to various directions over time: Higher education took on vocational education models. Vice versa, vocational education development tends to adopt to structures of higher education. Privatisation and marketisation have emerged as well as utilitarian approaches towards labour market skills. Informal learning and recognition of competences have widened the perspectives on vocational education. In this workshop, we will discuss the variety of opening and extending tendencies within vocational education and their effects. Presentations will alternate with round tables combined with a planned field visit. Continue reading


Finland is committed to follow the Maastricht Declaration of 2002 of the European Council about global education. The education is one fundamental right among every human’s rights. The global education includes education development and awareness to the human rights in which develops the skills of people, the cultural level and the ability of taking responsibility as ensuring a wider field of opportunities or particular development which optimize with the human’s aspirations.

LET’S WORK TOGETHER group is willing to convene at 27.4.2018, 14:00, floor 6
Kauppi reception center / Parantolankatu 6, 33500 Tampere.

We inviting you to participate in and share your opinions and suggestions which lead to develop the ways and means which insure the asylum seekers and the immigrants more opportunities to join the education institutions in Finland.

There will be people grouping of interested and involved in this regard ( researchers, staff, students,
administrative and people in a position of responsibility.

We’d like to tell you that the main language of workshop is English and there will be Arabic interpretation also.

About the network – A short narrative and an invitation for identity work

(Posted originally 2011)

As the VET & CULTURE network has no formalised structure, you will not find a mission statement or a neat and tidy description. So I thought, it would serve most to give a short narrative of how I would introduce the network to a friend. But it is only part of the whole story, of course. I came into the network in 2001 as a junior researcher in an exchange programme between Finnish, German and English students. I learned that the VET & CULTURE network existed since 1993 and was formed by some interested researchers in vocational education and training. At that stage vocational education had not a very strong standing in terms of prestige but also research in the field. Continue reading