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This is the new VET&Culture network website. The new site will serve as a news channel, forum, think tank, platform for learning, diary, archive and whatever our networkers wish for.

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Save the date: hybrid pre-seminar on the current hype about Bildung 09.02.2022

Recently a renaissance or hype or gospel around Bildung can be observed in Europe, especially in the field of adult education – and more specifically popular adult education. Therefore, a hybrid pre-seminar adjunct to the Finnish adult education research conference (10.-11.2.2022) is organized in Tampere University on 9.2.2022. The preseminar invites participants to discuss and debate about the reasons, meanings and implications of the rampant interest in Bildung, especially as Nordic Bildung, while the concept has for long been marginalized in research and policy discourses on adult education.

More information and registration: